The Caretaker

Phae Carson married young to a husband who was verbally and emotionally abusive. Having two kids by the time she was 20 kept her in the relationship.
For twenty-seven years, he controlled her life, not giving her access to money and not allowing her to work outside the home. He nixed family vacations and outings of any kind. He expected the house clean, home cooked meals and no laundry in the hampers.

Finally, widowed, with her children grown, Phae is presented with a job opportunity as a caretaker for a villa in Mallorca, Spain. She jumps at the chance to experience some of the adventures she’d dreamed about in her youth. However, she’ll have to take control of her life. Starting by going against the wishes of her grown children, Kera and Jeff, who try to dissuade her from taking the job.

In Mallorca, she finds more than she expected when she meets Finn Callahan, the owner of the villa she’s hired to take care of.

Phae initially wants no part of falling in love because she doesn’t want to lose the autonomy she has gained. But she begins to wonder if it’s possible to love someone, and be in a relationship, without losing one’s independence?